Madison House Inc.


Nadia Prescher, Co-Founder/Agent/Manager

Jeremy Stein, Partner/Agent/Manager

Jesse Aratow, Partner/Agent/Manager

Adam Bauer, Agent

Jordan Burger, Agent

Tynan Conroy, Agent

Jordan Carriere, Agent

Cassie Siegel, Agent

Mary Allen, Agent

Hailey Phelps, Jr. Agent

Chelsea Boisen, Booking/Management Assistant

Zach Holman, Jr. Agent

Isabel Vandeventer, Booking/Management Assistant

Katie Clark, Booking Assistant

Kylee Phillips, Booking Assistant

Rob Achin, Booking Assistant

Jenn Wiemann, Booking Assistant

Harry Woosley, College Booking Coordinator

Shellie Stephens, Director of Finance & Accounting

Emily Cadematori, Office Manager

Jon Bell, Agent

Sahil Mehta, Agent

Allen Roper, Agent

Izzy Shere, Booking Assistant

Henry Booth, Booking Assistant

Lindsey Oh, Assistant to Jesse Aratow

Angela Jensen, Manager + Content Strategist

Eli Morgan, Visual Arts Manager

Joan Baron Kopp, Accounting Analyst

Michael Sanders, Accounting

Emily Cadematori, Office Manager

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