Max Freedman Media


Max Freedman, Principal/Producer/Executive Producer/Screenwriter/Coach

Sandy Hockenbery, Producer/Execuitve Producer

Grant Sawyer, Producer/Executive Producer/Consultant Film Finance


Wait Till Helen Comes (producer)

Books & Beans (producer)

The Search for Heaven (Producers’ representative).

Hooligans (producer)

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Submission Policy:

Will on rare occasion read unproduced screenwriters' work. Query letter by email only must be submitted first. No attachments to email query. We are most focused on producing or consulting with writers and filmmakers to get their movies made. MFM also does a significant amount of screenwriting for hire and coaching of writers.


TV Writers, Screenwriters, Producers, Book Authors, Directors, Voiceover Artists, Film & TV Actors

Represents Ages: 18+


Producer, Screenwriter, and Coach. Script writing-for-hire, editing, coverage, coaching, and consulting services provided.