XIX Entertainment


Simon Fuller, CEO

Robert Dodds, President/CEO, Europe

Darren Borg, Head, Global Marketing

Ann Edelblute, President, Music Management, USA

Rebecca Mostow, Sr. Artist Manager

Julian Henry, Head, Communications

Roger Widynowski, Sr. VP, Communications

Michael Herwick, Producer

Mark Shedletsky, Head, Digital

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No unsolicited submissions.


Sports Personalities, Music Editors & Producers, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors, Singers & Musicians

Represents Ages: 18+


Also Song Writers, Fashion Designers. Clients include: David Beckham - Annie Lennox - Victoria Beckham - Michael Cain - Andy Murray - Lisa Marie Presley - Spice Girls - Will Young - Roland Mouret - Emma Bunton - Geri Haliwell - Carrie Underwood - Cathy Dennis - Lewis Hamilton - Sons of Sylvia - Jennifer Lopez - Marc Anthony. Nashville Office Phone: 615-244-0019.

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