Fernando Mills, Vice President, Production & Programming

Van Toffler, President, MTVN Music, LOGO & Film

Robert Gibilterra, CFO, MTVN Music Group

Chris McCarthy, President/General Manager, VH1

Colleen Fahey Rush, Executive VP/Chief Research Officer

Rick Krim, Executive VP, Talent & Music Programming

Nina Diaz, Executive VP, Reality Programming

Nigel Cox-Hagen, Executive VP, Creative Consumer Marketing

Ben Zurier, Executive VP, Program Strategy, VH1, VH1 Classic & MHD

Lee Rolontz, Executive VP, VH1 Original Music Production

Chris McCarthy, General Manager

Richard Gay, Executive VP, Strategy & Business Operations

Jeff Lucas, Executive VP, Ad Sales, MTVN Music & Entertainment

Stacy Alexander, Sr. VP, Casting, Talent & Creative Development

Brett Henne, Sr. VP, Communications & Public Affairs

Mark McIntire, Sr. VP, Integrated Marketing

Amy Doyle, Executive VP, VH1 & Logo

David Giles, Sr. VP, Research

Shelly Tatro, Sr. VP, East Coast Production & Programming

Drana Prekelezaj, Sr. VP, Production Management

Sandy Alouete, Sr. VP, Music & Talent Relations

Phil Delbourgo, Sr. VP, Brand & Design

Tony Maxwell, Sr. VP, On-Air Promos

Dave Mace, Sr. VP, Creative Labs

Noah Pollack, VP, West Coast Series Development & Original Programming

Leah Horwitz, VP, Music Talent & Creative Development

Brad Abramson, VP, Production & Programming

Kristen Kelly, VP, West Coast Production & Programming

Scott Acord, VP, VH1 Communications

Traci Terrill, VP, Editorial, Creative & Consumer Marketing Groups

Kari McFarland, VP, East Coast Production & Development

Karla Hidalgo, VP, East Coast Production & Development

Keshia Williams, VP, Original Music Production & Development

Wendell Wooten, VP, Creative Production & Operations

Wendy Weatherford, VP, Consumer Marketing

Lincoln Lopez, VP, Digital Marketing

Rob Grobengieser, VP, VH1 Digital Channels

Grant Stuart, VP, Co-Branded Content & On-Air Creative

Dave Perry, VP, Future TV & Cross-Platform Innovation

Kristin Frank, General Manager, Digital Media & Music

Stephen Mintz, Executive Producer, East Coast Production & Development

Danielle Gelfand, Executive Producer, East Coast Production & Development

Rick Hankey, Executive Producer, East Coast Production & Development

Warren Cohen, Supervising Producer, East Coast Production & Development

Bernie Kaminski, Supervising Producer, East Coast Production & Development

Hilary Spiegelman, Sr. Producer, East Coast Production & Development

Sean Gottlieb, Supervising Writer, East Coast Production & Development

Mike Goudreau, Supervising Writer, East Coast Production & Development

Toni Herron, Sr. Director, Communications

Erica Cantwell, Sr. Director, Communications

Trevor Rose, Director, Talent & Creative Development

Denise Bishop, Director, Talent & Creative Development

Jason Shumaker, Director, Communications

Chris Delhomme, Director, Communications

Jessica Hammerle, Sr. Manager, Production & Creative

Paul Croce, Sr. Manager, West Coast Series Development

Tim Carroll, Account Manager, Online Ad Sales, Midwest

Leslie Cohen, Account Manager, Online

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