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Erwin Stoff, Officer/Talent Manager/Producer

Howard Klein, Officer/Talent Manager/Producer

Michael Rotenberg, Officer/Talent Manager/Producer

Will Rowbotham, Talent Manager

Molly Madden, Talent Manager/Producer

Dave Becky, Talent Manager/Producer

Mark Schulman, Talent Manager/Producer

David Miner, Talent Manager/Producer

Nick Frenkel, Talent Manager/Producer

Pam Kohl, Talent Manager

Greg Walter, Talent Manager

Tom Lassally, Talent Manager/Producer

Josh Lieberman, Talent Manager

Richard Abate, Talent Manager (NY)

Avi Gilbert, Talent Manager (NY)

Sarah Shyn, Talent Manager

Carrie Stein, Talent Manager

Jairo Alvarado, Talent Manager

Jonathan Berry, Talent Manager

Oliver Obst, Talent Manager

Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Talent Manager/Producer (NY)

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Water for Elephants

30 Rock

Bored to Death

Chelsea Lately

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Everybody Hates Chris


The Goode Family

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

King of the Hill



The Office

Parks & Recreation

The Starter Wife

The Extra Man

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