Marco Bresaz, Vice President, Unscripted Programming

Joshua Sapan, President/CEO, AMC Networks Inc.

Ed Carroll, COO, AMC Networks Inc.

Robert Broussard, President, AMC Networks Network Sales

Charlie Collier, President/General Manager, AMC

Bill Rosolie, Executive VP, National Ad Sales

Georgia Juvelis, Chief Communications Officer

Eliot Goldberg, Sr. VP, Unscripted Programming

Linda Schupack, Sr. VP, Marketing, AMC

Tom Halleen, Sr. VP, Programming, Scheduling & Acquisitions, AMC

Harold Gronenthal, Sr. VP, Program Acquisitions & International Development, AMC Networks Entertainment Services

Ed Palluth, Sr. VP, Global Distribution, AMC Networks Network Sales

Joel Stillerman, Sr. VP, Original Programming, Production & Digital Content, AMC

Jan Diedrichsen, Sr. VP, Affiliate Marketing, AMC Networks Network Sales

Susie Fitzgerald, Sr. VP, Scripted Series, AMC

Marci Wiseman, Sr. VP, Business Affairs

Jason Fisher, Sr. VP, Production, AMC

Marnie Black, Sr. VP, Public Relations

Marc Krok, Sr. VP, TV Ad Sales (NY Region)

Gina Hughes, VP, Advertising & Promotion, AMC

Joshua Berger, VP, Programming Operations, AMC

Bob Bel Bruno, VP, Advertising Sales

Ben Davis, VP, Scripted Programming, AMC (LA)

Olivia Dupuis, VP, Public Relations, AMC

Melissa Wasserman, VP, Ad Sales Marketing, AMC

Mary Conlon, VP, Non-Scripted Original Programming, AMC

Mac McKean, VP, Digital Media

Susan Goldberg, VP, Production, AMC

Krista Sonne, VP, Scheduling & Program Planning

Nancy Kane Leidersdorff, VP, Media Planning

Lisa Rogen, VP, Corporate Communications, AMC

Scott Pennington, VP, Scripted Programming

Toby Greenfield, Director, Scheduling

Tara Duncan, Director, Scripted Programming

Owen Shiflett, Director, Scripted Programming

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The Prisoner; Original Series: The Killing

The Walking Dead

Mad Men

Breaking Bad


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