Atomic Cartoons, Inc.


Trevor Bentley, Founding Partner/Chief Creative Officer

Rob Davies, Founding Partner/Creative Director

Rob Simmons, Director of Finance and Business Affairs

Mauro Casalese, Founding Partner/Creative Producer

Jamie Turner, Sr. Production Manager

Alanna Gammage, Studio Manager

Jared Lim, Production Accountant

Jennifer McCarron, CEO

Rachit Singh, Head of Technology

Hanoz Elavia, IT Manager

Matthew Berkowitz, Head of Developmen

Jennifer Wyant, Studio Manager

Heather Renney, Producer

Andrew Harron, Production Coordinator

Colin Jenken, CG Supervisor

Spencer Galvin, Production Coordinator

Ken Tsang, FX Supervisor

Martin Clavio, Human Resources Lead

Aisling Deevey, Human Resources Coordinator

Colin Beadle, Producer

Daniel Fung, FX Supervisor

Ian Bock, Production Coordinator

Tina Walia, Assistant Controller

Alex Nagy, Previs Supervisor

Kramer Hoehn, Supervising Producer, Flash

Ed Chee, Storyboard Supervisor

Dorian Bell, Accounting Assistant

Scott Kiborn, Layout Supervisor

Darrell Yeo, Producer

Kim Ngo, Production Coordinator

Jaime Vander Mey, Production Coordinator

Hallis Blaney, Animation Supervisor

Dave Richey, Animation Supervisor

William Lau, Director

Joel Bradley, Supervising Producer, Harmony

Graham Peterson, Animation Supervisor

Tyler Hoolaeff, Animation Supervisor

Marc English, Rigging Supervisor

Nicole Poirier, Production Coordinator

Ken Cunningham, Director

Fredrick Fasse, Animation Supervisor

John Keane, Storyboard Supervisor

Alex Cichon, Producer

Derek Toye, Design Supervisor

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Johnny Test (Cookie Jar)

World of Quest (Cookie Jar)

Car Talk T.V. (Cookie Jar)

Atomic Betty

Captain Flamingo

Dogs in Space

LEGO® STAR WARS Summer Vacation

Little Demon

Pinecone & Pony

Spidey and His Amazing Friends

Rocket Monkeys

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Production Types:

Commercials, Animation, Direct-to-Video, Scripted TV


Atomic Cartoons is an artist-driven, multifaceted studio that includes some of North America's most creative animators, directors, producers, and writers.