Braverman Productions, Inc.


Chuck Braverman, Executive Producer/Director


Curtain Call (New Day Films)

A Revolving Door (HBO)

Bottom of the Ninth

Abused (A&E)

Extremely Out of Control (Discovery)

Prison Medical (Discovery)

Making Marines

Prison Boot Camp

Season of the Grizzly (Animal Planet)

Sextuplets (Discovery)

When Planes Go Down (Discovery)

Biography of Oscar (A&E)

Broken Wings (History Channel)

Debutantes (A&E)

Yellowstone Bison (Animal Planet)

Love Behind Bars (Discovery)

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Production Types:

TV Specials & Live Events, Commercials, Documentaries, Direct-to-Video, Made-for-TV & Cable Movies, Interactive & Digital Media, Reality TV, Scripted TV, Film