Burrud Productions


John Burrud, President/CEO

Stanley H. Green, Executive VP, Business Affairs

Shannon Mead, VP, Administration

Richard Swindell, Co-Executive Producer/Director

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Black Widow Women

Munchausen Moms

Phone Sex Operators

Weird Worlds

Beyond Bizarre

Strange Travels

Mysteries Within

Yoga for Kids

Vegas Cops

Vegas Challenge

Mutter Museum

Shark Chasers

Mostly True Stories

Vegas Dealers

Mardi Gras Cops

Multiples, Multiples

Whales Tales

Million Dollar Blackjack

Other Side of the Cell

Women on Death Row 1-5

Two Funny: Cotter & Louise

Women Behind Bars x36

Women Addicted to Sex

Women of the Occult

Women in Fear

Lore: Deadly Obsession

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Submission Policy:

No unsolicited submissions.

Production Types:

Documentaries, Scripted TV