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Nancy Tellem, Sr. Advisor

Deborah Barak, President, Business Operations, CBS Entertainment, CBS Television Studios and CBS News

Kelly Kahl, President, CBS Entertainment

Jack Sussman, EVP, Specials, Music & Live Events, CBS Entertainment

Chris Ender, Executive VP, CBS Communications Group (Radford)

Elizabeth Kalodner, Executive VP/General Manager, CBS Consumer Products

Chris Castallo, Executive VP, Alternative Programming (Radford)

Lucy Cavallo, Sr. VP, Casting (Radford)

Gary Silver, Sr. VP, Business Affairs (Radford)

Eric Steinberg, Sr. VP, West Coast Research (Radford)

Phil Gonzales, Sr. VP, Communications (Radford)

Jodi Roth, Sr. VP, Specials (Radford)

Travis Pierson, Sr. VP, Business Affairs (Radford)

Christina Davis, Sr. VP, Drama Series Development (Radford)

Andy Kubitz, Sr. VP, Scheduling & Program Planning (Radford)

Angelica McDaniel, EVP, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Development, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution

Alix Jaffe, VP, Current Programs (Radford)

Fern Orenstein, VP, Casting (Radford)

Karen Church, VP, Casting (Radford)

Julie Pernworth, EVP, Comedy Development, CBS Entertainment

Amy Herzig, VP, Casting, East Coast

Francis Cavanaugh, VP, Photography, West Coast (Radford)

Ian Metrose, VP, Talent Relations & Special Events (Radford)

Pamela Soper, VP, Current Programs (Radford)

Edy Mendoza, VP, Comedy Development (Radford)

Amy Osler, VP, Music

Rosemary Tarquinio, VP, Current Programs (Radford)

Stacey Adams, VP, Current Programs (Radford)

Noriko Kelley, EVP, Program Planning & Scheduling, CBS Entertainment

Yelena Chak, VP, Drama Series Development (Radford)

Michelle Newman, VP, Daytime Programming & Marketing (Radford)

Bryan Seabury, VP, Drama Development (Radford)

Barbara Abseck, VP, Communications, East Coast

Louis Boyd, VP, Alternative Programming (Radford)

Carolyn Ceslik, Director, Children's Programs, East Coast

Dorey Poder, Director, Casting

Jeanne Mau, SVP, Entertainment Diversity and Inclusion

Margot Wain, Director, Daytime Programs, West Coast (Radford)

Alison Rinzel, Director, Casting, East Coast

Katharina Eggmann, Director, Casting, East Coast

Cynthia Brown, Director, Business Affairs

Allison Ra, Director, Business Affairs (Radford)

Thom Sherman, Senior Executive Vice President, Programming, CBS Entertainment

Jo Ann Ross, President and Chief Advertising Revenue Officer

Amy Reisenbach, EVP, Current Programs, CBS

Tiffany Smith-Anoa'i, EVP, Entertainment Diversity, Inclusion & Communications, CBS Entertainment

Sharon Vuong, SVP, Alternative Programming

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