Chotzen Jenner Communications


Yvonne Chotzen, Partner/Producer/CEO

Dominique Azusa, Production & Submissions Manager


I Am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story

Innocent!-The John Guica Story

Home is Where the Heart Is

Unstoppable!-The Julie Krone Story

Jane Doe No More-The Donna Palomba Story

A Matter of Justice

Prison of Secrets

My Father's Shadow

The Rosa Parks Story

Lies He Told

Prison of Secrets

Matter of Justice

Murder in the Mirror

Girl In Room 13

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Submission Policy:

Agent or attorney submissions only. No calls. No drop-offs.

Production Types:

Miniseries, Documentaries, Made-for-TV & Cable Movies, Reality TV, Scripted TV


Independent producers of film and TV content focusing on family-centric stories, issues of diversity and justice, and unique subjects told from a strong artistic perspective. Company believes in the power of stories to illuminate and change contemporary society and the course of history. The greatest feat of stories is empathy - one of the only mediums in which a person is immersed in the point of view of someone completely different from themself. The power of story can make humans laugh and cry as well as connect across distance and time, healing the world.