Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)


Lynwen Brennan, President/General Manager

Khuyen Dang, Executive in Charge of Finance

Eric Barba, Creative Direction/VFX Supervision

Gretchen Libby, Executive in Charge, Global Studio

Janet Lewin, Executive in Charge, Production Operations

John Knoll, Chief Creative Officer & Visual Effects Supervisor

Greg Grusby, Director, Public Relations & Communications

Cassandra Kaiser, Director of Human Resources

Sue Lyster, Executive in Charge, ILM London

Ben Morris, Creative Director

Dennis Muren, Creative Direction & Visual Effects Supervision

Randal Shore, Executive in Charge, ILM Vancouver

Jessica Teach, Executive in Charge, ILM San Francisco & Singapore

Nigel Sumner, Creative Direction/VFX Supervision

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VFX Studio