Irwin Entertainment


John Irwin, Producer

Suzie Bahret, Director of Development


Celebrity Rehab Live Reunion Special

Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 1-5 (VH1)

Sober House with Dr. Drew Season 1-2 (VH1)

Down & Dirty With Jim Norton (HBO)

Barely Famous with the Warren Brothers (CMT)

Katie Brown Workshop (PBS); Comedy Specials: HBO: That Ain't Right (Bob Saget)

Captain Miserable (Dave Attel)

Unaplogetic (D.L. Hughley)

Monster Rain (Jim Norton)

Seriously, Who Farted? (Nick Swardson/Comedy Central)

All Jacked Up (CMT) -Daniel Tosh Happy Thoughts (Comedy Central)

Elephant in the Room (Comedy Central)

Me Doing Standup (Comedy Central)

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TV Specials & Live Events, Reality TV, Scripted TV