Konwiser Brothers


Kip Konwiser, Partner

Kern Konwiser, Partner


Life During Wartime (IFC Films)

Baker Boys: Inside the Surge (HDNet)

One Hot Summer (Lifetime)

Shanghai Kiss (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Island Heat: Stranded (Lifetime)

Island Heat: Vanished (Lifetime)

Island Heat: Break in (Lifetime)

White Space (NBC)

Animal (DEJ)

Crossover (Showtime)

Dallas 362 (ThinkFilm)

Smile (Universal/Screen Media)

Back in the Day (DEJ/Blockbuster)

Miss Evers' Boys (HBO)

On Hallowed Ground (TNT)

Focus (Paramount Classic)

The Wash (Lionsgate)


Quest for Nutrition (Discovery)

Kings of South Beach (A&E)

Kidnapped (NBC); Documentaries: The Last Game (ESPN)

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Production Types:

Theater, Commercials, Documentaries, Animation, Direct-to-Video, Made-for-TV & Cable Movies, Interactive & Digital Media, Reality TV, Scripted TV, Film


Has deal with GigaPixStudios, Anchor Bay, ATO Pictures, TapouT Films, Highway 1, V7 Enterprises, KCPR (Puerto Rico).