Lance Entertainment, Inc.


Pierre David, President/Producer

Wendy Yarbrough, Executive Assistant

Noel Zanitsch, Producer


Accused at 17

The Perfect Teacher

My Family's Secret (aka Dark Places)

The Boy She Met Online

Arctic Blast

A Sister's Secret

Summer's Blood

A Nanny's Secret

Stripped Naked

My Neighbor's Secret

The Perfect Assistant

Dead at 17

A Teacher's Crime

A Killer Upstairs

A Woman Hunted

The Perfect Nanny

The Perfect Wife

Yesterday's Children

Blind Obsession


Living with Fear

Seduced by a Thief

Internal Affairs


Deep Cover


The Perfect Husband

Stranger at the Door

Murder in My House

The Perfect Marriage

Maid of Honor

The Perfect Neighbor

Saving Emily

The Rival

Demons from Her Past

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Framed for Murder

Christie's Revenge

'Til Lies Do Us Part

My Daughter's Secret

Maternal Instincts

A Woman's Rage

A Teacher's Crime

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