Luber Roklin Entertainment


Larry Schapiro, COO

Matt Luber, Co-Head

Lena Roklin, Co-Head

Katie Mason, Manager

Mara Santino, Manager

Tim Taylor, Manager

Danielle Lenniger, Manager

Casey Greenberg, Manager

Jomer Calma, Manager

Brett Cates, Manager

Genevieve Penn, Manager

Greg Wapnick, Manager

Alex Polcyn, Assistant to Lena Roklin

Mike Sellari, Assistant to Matt Luber

Liam Gamboa, Assistant to Tim Taylor & Katie Mason

Randy Kiyan, Manager

Svenja Wagner, Manager

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Bride Wars

The Golden Door

Love Lies Bleeding


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Submission Policy:

No unsolicited submissions.

Production Types:

Made-for-TV & Cable Movies, Scripted TV, Film


Also a management company.