Mandalay Pictures


Peter Guber, Chairman/CEO

Paul Schaeffer, Vice Chairman/COO

David Zelon, Executive VP, Motion Picture Production

Shelly Riney, Executive VP, Corporate Operations

Peter Strauss, Executive VP, Mandalay Pictures

Carmondy Herzberg, Manager, Business Affairs

Jason Babiszewski, Associate, Production

Nicole Young, Director, Business Development

Jason Michael Berman, Financial Consultant

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Dark Places


The Voices

When The Game Stand Tall


Salvation Boulevard

The Whistleblower

Soul Surfer

Vanishing on 7th Street

The Kids Are All Right

Never Back Down

Into the Blue

Beyond Borders

Enemy at the Gates

Donnie Brasco

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Wild Things

Seven Years in Tibet

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Submission Policy:

Accepts submissions through agents and managers only. All unsolicited scripts and query letters will be discarded without review. No calls. No drop-offs.


Includes Mandalay Vision division.

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