Paramount Global Content Distribution


Dan Cohen, Chief Content Licensing Officer, Paramount Global / President, Republic Pictures

Lisa Kramer, President, International TV Licensing, Paramount Global Content Distribution

Michael D. Armstrong, EVP, Worldwide Television Licensing & Operations

Teri Fleming, EVP, Marketing

Jonathan Greenberg, EVP, Television Licensing Regional Sales (Asia Pacific)

Mark Atkinson, SVP, International Operations

Matthew Downer, SVP, Regional TV Licensing (Europe, Mena, Turkey)

Paul Gilbert, Senior VP, International Formats

Lauren Marriott, SVP, Content Partnerships & Brand Strategy

Philippe Renouard, SVP, Regional TV Licensing (Nordics, Africa, French-Speaking Europe)

Maria Sanchez, SVP, TV Licensing (LATAM)

Bernhard Schwab, SVP, Regional TV Licensing (German Speaking Central, Eastern Europe)

Nicole Sinclair, Senior VP, Client Relations (South Asia)

Doug Smith, VP, Client Relations (Canada)

Jennifer Weingroff, Senior VP, Communications

Laura Burrell, VP, International Formats EMEA

June Choi, VP, Regional TV Licensing (North Asia)

Mark Collins, VP, International Finance

Astrid de Berardinis, VP, Television Licensing (Italian-Speaking Europe, Turkey)

Oliver Kreuter, VP, Client Relations (Munich)

Jocelyn Loleng, VP, News Sales & Client Relations (Worldwide)

Carlos Mata, VP, Regional TV Licensing

Catherine Molinier, VP, Client Relations (Paris)

Roxanne Pompa, VP, International Formats

Jacques Roldan, VP, Client Relations (Iberia, Southwest Europe, MENA)

Rekha Shah, VP, Client Relations (Toronto)

Francois Vallerian, VP, International Research

Teng Yong, VP, Regional Sales (China)

Anne Masuda, VP, Digital Distribution

Yuriy Evdokimov, Executive Director, Regional TV Licensing (Regional Europe)

Sara Lind-Palmer, Executive Director, Regional TV Licensing (Nordics)

Iwona Pilgrim, Executive Director, Regional TV Licensing (CEE)

Chris Safford, Executive Director, Regional Television Sales (South East Asia)

Hiromichi Sato, Executive Director, Client Relations (Japan)

Agatha Liebig, Senior Director, Regional TV Licensing (CEE)

Marie Bariller, Director, Content Sales (EMEAA)

Daniel Broberg, Director, Sales (Nordics, Baltics, Africa)

Charlotte Butcher, Director, Content Sales (UKIE, Greece, Israel)

Trista Chang, Director, TV Licensing & Digital Sales (China)

Alysha Chopra, Executive Director, Client Relations (Singapore)

Julie Aletti de Gely, Executive Director, Client Relations (London)

Fernando Feldman, Executive Director, Regional Television Licensing (Brazil)

Katie Pike, Director, European Formats

Giuseppe Rossi, Director, Client Relations (Italian-Speaking Europe, Turkey)

Joyce Smith, Director, Regional Sales and TV Distribution (ANZ)

Natalie Kampelmacher, Director, Sales (Canada)

Natalia Delmas, Director, TV Sales (U.S. & Latin America)

Maria Santana, Director, TV Sales (LATAM)

Katie Tisherman, Director, Communications

Hannah He, Senior Manager, Sales & Strategy Support (China)

Mona Stegemann, Senior Manager Sales, VIS Distribution (German-Speaking Europe)

Doris Tang, Senior Manager, GCD Ops (Singapore)

Sanne Heijnen, Manager, Research

Vanessa Cruz, Manager, Sales (LATAM)

Myfanwy New, Manager, Sales

Emily Brouggy, Jr. Sales Manager (Australia)

Matthew Jones, Jr. Sales Manager

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Submission Policy:

No unsolicited submissions.

Production Types:

Miniseries, Documentaries, Reality TV, Scripted TV, Film


Paramount Global Content Distribution is the leading distributor of premium content across multiple media platforms throughout the global marketplace. The division's portfolio is comprised of some of the world's most recognized brands, including feature films and television programs from Paramount Pictures, Republic Pictures, Paramount Television Studios, CBS Studios, CBS Media Ventures, CBS News, SHOWTIME Networks, Nickelodeon, MTV Entertainment Studios, Miramax, and third-party partners. The division also has the largest distributed library of series and film titles, including global franchises such as "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "NCIS," "Star Trek," "SpongeBob SquarePants," "Transformers," "Mission: Impossible," and more. In addition, the division licenses a diverse lineup of scripted and unscripted formats for local production and international co-productions. Paramount Global Content Distribution is a division of Paramount.