STX Entertainment


Robert Simonds, CEO

Sophie Watts, President

Thomas McGrath, COO

Noah Fogelson, EVP, Corporate Strategy and General Counsel, STX Entertainment

Patti Rockenwagner, Chief Communications Officer, STX Entertainment

Andy Warren, CFO, STX Entertainment

Jeremy Fuchs, Chief Information Officer, STX Entertainment

Will Eide, SVP, Corporate Development, STX Entertainment

Kat Kleiner, SVP, Corporate Communications, STX Entertainment

Jordan Lichtman, SVP, Corporate Strategy & Associate General Counsel, STX Entertainment

Chris O'Connell, SVP, Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis, STX Entertainment

Heather Baggetta, Controller, STX Entertainment

Marilyn Soliman, Head of HR & Operations, STX Entertainment

Matt Hutchins, VP, Corporate Counsel, STX Entertainment

Louis Chieng, Director, Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis, STX Entertainment

Chris Dekom, Director, Corporate Financial Planning & Development, STX Entertainment

Mari Dwyer, Director, Media Relations, STX Entertainment

Alec Everts, Director of Technology Infrastructure, STX Entertainment

Nick Lyons, Director of Applications, STX Entertainment

Katie Zhao, Director, International Strategy, STX Entertainment

Megan Johnson, Director, Human Resources, STX Entertainment

Terry Amankonah, Manager, Payroll & Accounting Operations, STX Entertainment

Craig Handy, Manager, Film Accounting, STX Entertainment

Alisa Trimble, Manager, Accounts Payable, STX Entertainment

Rich Sullivan, CFO, STXdigital

Jason Goldberg, Chief Creative Officer, STXreality and STXalternative

Andy Vick, Co-President of Virtual Reality & Immersive Entertainment, STXsurreal

Rick Rey, Co-President of Virtual Reality & Immersive Entertainment, STXsurreal

Brandon Fong, SVP, Business Development, STXdigital

Carrie Brody, Director, Digital Strategy, STXdigital

Bettina Martin, Director of Production Innovation, STXsurreal

Michael Wiebler, Director of Development, VR, STXsurreal

Adam Fogelson, Chairman,, STXfilms

Oren Aviv, President, CCO, STXfilms

Michael Joe, Chief Operating Officer, STXfilms

Eddie Egan, President, Marketing, STXfilms

Sam Brown, Head, Production, STXfilms

Kevin Grayson, President, Domestic Distribution, STXfilms

Ross Fanger, Executive VP, Physical Production

Ross Fanger, President, Physical Production, STXfilms

Philip Button, Executive VP, International Production and Management

Kathy Savitt, President, Digital

John Friedberg, President, International Sales

Alissa Grayson, Co-President of Marketing, STXfilms

Amy Elkins, EVP, Media and Marketing Innovation, STXfilms

Philip Goore, EVP, Business and Legal Affairs, STXfilms

Jason Markey, EVP, Head of Music, STXfilms

Keri Moore, EVP, Creative Advertising and Brand Development, STXfilms

Mike Viane, EVP, Theatrical Distribution & Head of Sales, STXfilms

Jennifer Brooks, SVP, Business and Legal Affairs, STXfilms

Scott Kanyuck, SVP, Business and Legal Affairs, STXfilms

Sheroum Kim, SVP, Production, STXfilms

Rachel Kimbrough, SVP, Business and Legal Affairs, STXfilms

Drew Simon, SVP, Production, STXfilms

Rob Springer, SVP, Theatrical Distribution and Operations, STXfilms

Carolyn Steinmetz, SVP, Finance and Deal Analysis, STXfilms

Elizabeth Stephens, SVP, Business and Legal Affairs, STXfilms

Jack Teed, SVP, Creative Advertising, STXfilms

Elizabeth Blalock, VP, Strategic Creative Marketing, STXfilms

Lisa DiMartino, VP, Theatrical Sales, Central Division, STXfilms

Shari Hardison, VP & Asst Head of Sales, STXfilms

Jason Huberman, VP, Production Finance, STXfilms

Teni Karapetian, VP, National Publicity, STXfilms

Ryan Markowitz, VP, Theatrical Sales, Eastern Division, STXfilms

Nasim Meybodi, VP, National Publicity, STXfilms

Mark Mulcahy, VP, In-Theater Marketing, STXfilms

Tom Parker, VP, Field Marketing & Events, STXfilms

Jason Tolman, VP, Media and Marketing Research, STXfilms

Cathie Tong, VP, Business and Legal Affairs, STXfilms

Tim Weyers, VP, Post Production, STXfilms

Rani Wijedasa, VP, Feature Credits Administration, STXfilms

Sam Boskovich, Executive Director, Theatrical Sales, STXfilms

David Messinger, Executive Director, Theatrical Operations, STXfilms

Del Rosa, Executive Director, Theatrical Sales, STXfilms

Carina Stewart, Executive Director, Theatrical Accounts, STXfilms

Leslie Cao, VP, Business & Legal Affairs, STXfilms

Richard Frankie, EVP, Head of Business Operations, STXtelevision

Alan Welch, Head of Production, STXalternative & STXdigital

Jada Miranda, EVP, Head of Scripted Television, STXtelevision

Jamie Bovshow, Director of Development, STXalternative and STXreality

Lindsay Harrop, Manager, TV and Digital Content, STXtelevision

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Submission Policy:

No unsolicited submissions.

Production Types:

Scripted TV, Film


Integrated film and television production company. Multi-platform.