The Gurin Company


Phil Gurin, CEO/President

Grace O’Doherty, Director of Development

Tori Purcell, Executive Assistant

Rachel Frimer, Producer

Robin Reinhardt, Producer

Greg Bohnert, Producer

Narumi Inatsugu, Producer

Sabrina Rufo Mishler, Producer

Warren Pick, Producer

Katie Carlin, Producer

Antares Vargas, Producer

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Shark Tank

Your Chance to Dance (CMT)

The Singing Bee (CMT)

Do You Trust Me (CBS)

Wanna Bet (ABC)

Miss USA 2008/2009/2010

Miss Universe 2008/2009/2010

Fox New Years Eve Live 2008

The Singing Bee (NBC)

Fox New Years Eve Live 2007

USOC 2006

Candid Camera

World's Most Dangerous Stunts

Weakest Link


Voice of a Child

Only Joking

Twenty One

Now or Never

On Thin Ice


Miss Teen USA

Queen for a Day

Survival Test

Settle the Score

Test the Nation

Women Rock

US Olympics Hall of Fame 2004

All New 3's a Crowd

When Cameras Cross the Line

Extreme World Records

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No unsolicited submissions.

Production Types:

TV Specials & Live Events, Interactive & Digital Media, Reality TV, Scripted TV