Universal Pictures


Ron Meyer, Vice Chairman, NBCUniversal

Jeff Shell, Chairman, Filmed Entertainment Group

Donna Langley, Chairman, Universal Pictures

James M. Horowitz, President, Universal Pictures

Peter Levinsohn, Pres. & Chief Distribution Officer, Universal Pictures

Rowan Conn, CFO, Filmed Entertainment Group

Clarissa Weirick, Gen. Counsel, Filmed Entertainment Group

Mike Knobloch, President, Film Music & Publishing

Vince Klaseus, President, Universal Brand Development

Eddie Cunningham, President, WW Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Pank Patel, SVP, Strategy & Business Development

Allison Ganz, SVP, Film Strategy & Operations

Cindy Gardner, EVP, Global Communications, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, and Corporate Affairs, NBCUniversal

Lissa Freed, Global Head of Human Resources, Filmed Entertainment Group

Jeff Goore, EVP, Business Affairs

Janine Jones-Clark, SVP, Global Talent Development & Inclusion, Universal Pictures

Evan Langweiler, SVP, Media Relations & Global Communications, Filmed Entertainment Group

Jenny Tartikoff, SVP, Global Communications, Filmed Entertainment Group

Jim Orr, President, Domestic Distribution

John C. Hall, EVP, In-Theatre Marketing

Mia Matsuura, SVP, Distribution

Scott Rieckhoff, SVP, In-Theatre Marketing

Gary Chong, VP, Distribution Operations

Kelvin Chiang, Director, In-Theatre Marketing

Miranda Mayfield, Mgr. of Distribution Administration

Betty Pollakoff, Mgr., Print Control

Peter Cramer, President, Production

Jeff LaPlante, President, Physical Production

Erik Baiers, EVP, Production

Jon Mone, EVP, Production

Mark Sourian, EVP, Production

Kristin Lowe, SVP, Production

Maradith Frenkel, VP, Production

Jay Polidoro, VP, Production

Sara Scott, VP, Production

Josh Goldstine, President, WW Marketing

Michael Moses, Co-President, WW Marketing

Maria Pekurovskaya, EVP, Creative Advertising

Suzanne Cole, EVP, Media Advertising

Matt Apice, EVP, WW Creative Operations

David O'Connor, EVP, Global Franchise Management & Brand Marketing

Seth Byers, EVP, Creative Strategy & Research

Austin Barker, EVP, Creative Content

Brian Robinson, EVP, Creative Design & Brand Strategy

Doug Neil, EVP, Digital Marketing

Megan Bendis, EVP, Publicity

Julie Berk, SVP, Creative Services

Patrick Starr, SVP, Creative Advertising

Joe Wees, SVP, Creative Advertising

Fabian Castro, SVP, Multicultural Marketing

Jill Brody, SVP, Global Promotions

Lauren Martin, SVP, Brand Marketing

Justin Pertschuk, SVP, Digital Marketing

Stanley Scoggins, SVP, Digital Assets

Annah Zafrani, SVP, Integrated Marketing

Angie Sharma Sharma, SVP, Brand Marketing

Amanda Stirling, SVP, Publicity

Linda Pace, VP, Special Events

Peter Marks, VP, Market Research

Brad Mendelson, VP, Field Publicity & Promotions

Julie Brantley, VP, Field Promotions

Jason Burch, VP, Broadcast Assets

Candace Chen, VP, Media

Sungmi Choi, VP, Digital Marketing

Amy Cohen, VP: Digital Marketing

Leigh Godfrey, VP, Digital Marketing

Lindsey Dye, VP, Media

Bette Einbinder, VP, Still Department

Holly Frank, VP, Domestic Promotions Sale

Calvin Conte, VP, Brand Marketing

Amie Hill, VP, Creative Operations

Robert Hill, VP, Marketing & Creative Global Promotions

Kristin Johnson, VP, Media

Elizabeth Latham, VP, Brand Marketing

Tara Martino, VP, Broadcast Strategy

Alexandra Meltzer, VP, Publicity

Jennifer Lopez, VP, Publicity

Anacani Munoz, VP, Creative Content

Dani Paz, VP, Market Research & Strategy

Ruthie Wittenberg, VP, Brand Marketing

Cendy Younan, VP, Creative Operations

Stacey Zarro, VP, East Coast Publicity

Peter Dangerfield, VP, East Coast Publicity

Duncan Clark, President, Distribution, Universal Pictures International

Niels Swinkels, EVP, Distribution, Universal Pictures Int’l

Simon Hewlett, President, Marketing, Universal Pictures International

Noah Bergman, SVP, Distribution Strategy and Operation

Rachel Staff, SVP, International Creative Advertising (London Office)

Mark Markline, SVP, International Publicity

Cathy Hsia, VP, International Publicity

Cortney Lawson, VP, International Publicity

Greig McRitchie, Executive VP, Post Production

Jennifer Bell, EVP, Visual Effects

Glenn Ross, EVP and General Manager, Universal 1440 Entertainment

Richard Longwell, EVP & Managing Director for North America, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Hilary Hoffman, EVP, Global Marketing, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Teri Weiss, Senior VP, Kids & Family Development and Production

Patti Jackson, SVP, Live Action Production, Universal 1440 Entertainment

Kate Wyhowska, SVP, International Publicity

Pam Blum, SVP, Marketing Services, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Mauricio Duran, SVP, Latin America, Universal Pictures International

Steve Summersby, SVP, Distribution, Europe

Stacy Barger, VP, Creative Services, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Mark Halperin, SVP, Global Tech Operations, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Heidi Turk, SVP, Supply Chain, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

David Yuratich, VP, Marketing Finance

Damian McKay, Manager, Casting

Francine Maisler, Casting Director

Ian Foster, Managing Director, UK & Japan, Universal Pictures International

Jose Ernesto Espinosa, Managing Director, Mexico, Universal Pictures International

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