Vulcan Productions


Paul Allen, Chairman/Founder

Jody Patton, President/CEO

Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, Head, Documentary Productions

Hilary Sparrow, Executive, Documentary Productions

Carole Tomko, General Manager and Creative Director

Perry Simon, Managing Director

Ted Richane, Director of Impact and Engagement

Jannat Gargi, Director Feature Docs and Distribution

Sara Edelson, Head of Development

Matt Milios, Director of Digital Content

Rocky Collins, Executive Producer

Kim Nyhous, Production Manager

Aimee Link, Producer

Miriam Larkin, Manager of Development

Terri Barcus, Administrative Assistant

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Features: Where God Left His Shoes

Hard Candy

Bickford Schmeckler's Cool Ideas

Far from Heaven


The Safety of Objects

The Luzhin Defense


Men with Guns; Documentaries: Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

Rx for Survival: Heroes

Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth

Lightning in a Bottle

Black Sky: Winning the X Prize

Black Sky: The Race for Space

Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues


Cracking the Code of Life

Me & Isaac Newton


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Production Types:

Documentaries, Film