XYZ Films


Nate Bolotin, Partner

Nick Spicer, CFO

Maxime Cottray, COO

Aram Tertzakian, Partner

Tatyana Joffe, President, International Sales & Distribution

Todd Brown, Head of International Acquisitions

Manon Barat, Head, New Visions

Maxime Cottray, Executive VP, Production & Finance

Tamir Ardon, Head of Documentary

Mike Sherman, VP, Marketing & Distribution

Scott Freije, VP, International Sales & Distribution

James Emanuel Shapiro, Executive VP, US Distribution

Gabe Scarpelli, Producer

Stacy Glassgold, VP, International Sales

Pip Ngo, Senior VP, Sales & Acquisitions

Peter Van Steemburg, Talent Manager

Pam Delaney, Distribution Counsel

Garrett Fisher, VP, Accounting

Alex Williams, Manager, Acquisitions & Development

Aziannida Samingan, Distribution Contract Specialist

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Submission Policy:

No unsolicited submissions. No calls. No drop-offs.

Production Types:

Documentaries, Film


Also development financing.