Mele Nagler, Casting Director

Ross Myerson, Casting Director (Pilot)

Julie Tucker, Casting Director (Pilot)

George J. Nolfi, Executive Producer

Avi Nir, Executive Producer

Ron Leshem, Executive Producer

Amit Cohen, Executive Producer

Yona Wiesenthal, Executive Producer

Giyora Yahalom, Executive Producer

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Production Type:

TV Series

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Production Info:

A man is forced to choose between family and country when he discovers his parents are former spies.

With Gavin Stenhouse as Alex O'Connor, Hope Davis as Katya O'Connor, Margarita Levieva as Natalie O'Connor, Kenneth Choi as Sam Luttrell, Alexandra Peters as Sarah O'Connor, Annie Ilonzeh as Julia Marcus, Morgan Spector as Victor Dobrynin, Scott Cohen as Mark O'Connor.

Produced by Keshet Media Group. Scheduled to air on NBC.

Shoots in New York and Israel.