Cocaine Cowboys/Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay


Risa Bramon-Garcia, Casting Director

Mark Pellington, Director

Jerry Bruckheimer, Executive Producer

Jonathan Littman, Executive Producer

Michael Bay, Executive Producer

Billy Corben, Executive Producer

Alfred Spellman, Executive Producer

Michelle Ashford, Executive Producer

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Production Type:

TV Pilots

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Production Info:

Swamp paradise, Miami explodes with the introduction of cocaine in 1978 as it’s citizens become captives of the drug.

With Kristen Hager, Kelsey Siepser, Adria Arjona, Elizabeth Perkins, Matt Barr, Christopher McDonald, Michael Stahl-David, and Oscar Jaenada.

Shoots Nov. 3-Nov. 25, 2014 in Puerto Rico.

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television. Airs on TNT.