Julie Tucker, Casting Director

Ross Meyerson, Casting Director

Karen P. Morris, Casting Associate

J Boyd, Writer/Executive Producer

Mark Bianculli, Writer/Executive Producer

Avi Nir, Executive Producer

Alon Shtruzman, Executive Producer

Peter Traugott, Executive Producer

Rachel Kaplan, Executive Producer

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Production Type:

TV Pilots

Production Status:




Production Info:

A crime drama based on the novel, "The Bone Collector," by Jeffery Deaver.

With Michael Imperioli, Russell Hornsby, Arielle Kebbel, Courtney Grosbeck, Ramses Jimenez, Brooke Lyons, and Roslyn Ruff .

Produced by Sony Pictures TV, Universal TV and Keshet Studios. Scheduled to air on NBC.

Shot in New Jersey.

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