Marci Phillips, Casting Director

Erica A. Hart, Casting Associate

Laura Janeczko, Casting Assistant

Josh Schwartz, Executive Producer

Stephanie Savage, Executive Producer

Howard Overman, Executive Producer

Murray Ferguson, Executive Producer

Diane Ruggiero-Wright, Writer/Executive Producer

Victoria “Vic” Mahoney, Director

Elizabeth Barnes, Casting Director

Tiffany Mak, Casting Director

Tannis Vallely, Casting Director

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Production Type:

TV Pilots

Production Status:



Drama, Sci-Fi

Production Info:

A group of young adults find they have unique super powers after being exposed to unknown chemicals.

With Ashleigh LaThrop, Tre Hall, Allie MacDonald, and Jake Cannavale.

Produced by ABC Signature Studio. Was scheduled to air on Freeform.

Shot early July 2018 in Vancouver.