Mission Control


Susie Farris, Casting Director

David Hornsby, Executive Producer

Adam McKay, Executive Producer

Will Ferrell, Executive Producer

Chris Henchy, Executive Producer

Owen Burke, Executive Producer

Julie Tucker, Casting Director (Pilot)

Ross Meyerson, Casting Director (Pilot)

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Production Type:

TV Series

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Production Info:

Set in 1962, this show examines what happens when a strong woman confronts a macho astronaut in the race to land on the moon.

With Krysten Ritter as Dr. Mary Kendricks, Tommy Dewey as Tom Stone, Malcolm Barrett as Arthur, Jonathan Slavin as Kriegel, Julie Meyer as Carol Ann, Leah Renee as Jessica, Eric Nenninger as Gordie, Billy Merritt as Moynihan, Bruce Campbell as Bob Korman and Maz Jobrani as Bobby.

Produced by Gary Sanchez Productions. Scheduled to air on NBC.