Skinny Dip


John Frank Levey, Casting Director

Russel Friend, Writer/Executive Producer

Garrett Lerner, Writer/Executive Producer

Marc Buckland, Director

Peter Traugott, Executive Producer

Rachel Kaplan, Executive Producer

Avir Nir, Executive Producer

Alon Shtruzman, Executive Producer

Tawni Tamietti, Casting Associate

Kim Wong, Casting Associate

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Production Type:

TV Pilots

Production Status:




Production Info:

Based on the novel by Carl Hiaasen, a woman teams with an ex-cop to seek revenge on her husband who tried to murder her while on a cruise.

With KJ Smith, Brent Sexton, Sarah Wright Olsen, Matt Barr, Ben Aldridge, amd Richard Esteras.

Produced by CBS Studios and Keshet Studios. Scheduled to air on the CW.

Shot April 30-May 13 in Louisiana.

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