The Astronaut Wives Club


Patrick Rush, Casting Director

Stephanie Savage, Executive Producer

Josh Schwartz, Executive Producer

Leonard Goldstein, Executive Producer

Michael London, Executive Producer

Janice Williams, Executive Producer

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TV Series

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Production Info:

This show tells the true story of the wives beside NASA’s biggest heroes during the height of the space race.

With JoAnna Garcia, Azure Parsons, Dominique McElligott, Zoe Boyle, Odette Annable, Desmond Harrington, Erin Cummings, Aaron McCusker, Bret Harrison, Joel Johnstone, and Kenneth Mitchell, Wilson Bethel, and Yvonne Strahovski.

Produced by Fake Empire. Scheduled to air on ABC.

Shoots Oct. 9, 2014–Feb. 17, 2015 in Houston, TX.