The Bastard Executioner


Kurt Sutter, Executive Producer

Wendy O'Brien, Casting Director

Amy Hubbard, Casting Director

Paris Barclay, Director

Kurt Sutter, Executive Producer

Francie Calfo, Executive Producer

Brian Grazer, Executive Producer

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Production Type:

TV Series

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Production Info:

A warrior knight in King Edward III's charge who had previously laid down his sword, is forced to resume fighting when the battle comes to him.

With Lee Jones, Stephen Moyer, Sam Spruell, Timothy V. Murphy, Flor Spencer-Longhurst, Darren Evans, Danny Sapani, Sarah White, Sarah Sweeney, Katey Sagal and Tommy Flanagan.

Produced by Fox 21 and Imagine TV. Airs on FX.

Shoots Mar. 17–28 in Wales.