The Colbert Report


Stephen Colbert, Executive Producer

Jon Stewart, Executive Producer

Tom Purcell, Executive Producer

Richard Korson, Executive in Charge for Busboy Productions

Dan Powell, Executive in Charge for Comedy Central

Barbara McNamara, Casting Director

Richard Dahm, Co-Executive Producer

Meredith Bennett, Co-Executive Producer

Emily Lazar, Supervising Producer

Tanya Michnevich Bracco, Supervising Producer

Elizabeth Levin, Sr. Producer

Jeff Cooperman, Sr. Producer

Matt Lappin, Segment Producer

Nicole Savini, Field Producer

Scott Lawrie, Footage Producer

Gabe Gronli, Footage Producer

Jeremy Tchaban, Production Manager

Barry Julien, Head Writer

Jay Katsir, Writer

Peter Gwinn, Writer

Glenn Eichler, Writer

Rob Dubbin, Writer

Frank Lesser, Writer

Mike Brumm, Writer

Peter Grosz, Writer

Meredith Scardino, Writer

Opus Moreschi, Writer

Max Werner, Writer

Aaron Cohen, Field Producer

Monica Hickey, Production Coordinator

Kate Sunbury, Production Coordinator

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TV Series

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A satirically serious look at the news as told by Stephen Colbert.

With Stephen Colbert

Produced by Busboy Productions. Aired on Comedy Central.