The Crossing


Sheila Jaffe, Casting Director

Gail Goldberg, Casting Director

Lorna Johnson, Casting Associate

Ashley Dunsing, Casting Assistant

Dan Dworkin, Executive Producer

Jay Beattie, Executive Producer

Jason Reed, Executive Producer

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Production Type:

TV Series

Production Status:

In Production/Current



Production Info:

Bodies start washing up on the beach of an East Coast town, with the survivors claiming to be American refugees from 250 years in the future.

With Steve Zahn, Tommy Bastow, John D'Leo, Rob Campbell, Rick Gomez, Grant Harvey, Marcuis Harris, Jay Karnes, Sandrine Holt, Natalie Martinez, Simone Kessel, Luc Roderique, Kelley Missal, and Bailey Skodje.

Produced by TBA. Airs on ABC.

Shoots in Vancouver.