The Get Down


Ronna Kress, Casting Director

Hannah d'Angerio, Casting Associate

Emma Sands-Milsom, Casting Assistant

Baz Luhrmann, Executive Producer

Shawn Ryan, Executive Producer

Marney Hochman, Executive Producer

Catherine Martin, Executive Producer

Paul Watters, Executive Producer

Thomas Kelly, Executive Producer

Stephen Adley Guirgis, Executive Producer

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Production Info:

Kids from the South Bronx revitalize New York City in the 70s with the advent of hip-hop, punk, and disco music.

With TJ Brown, Justice Smith, Shameik Moore, Herizen Guardiola, Yolonda Ross, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jaden Smith, and Skylan Brooks.

Produced by Sony TV. Aired on Netflix.

Shot in New York City.

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