Black Theatre Coalition


Reggie Van Lee, Co-Founder/Board Chair

T. Oliver Reid, Co-Founder/Artistic Director

Warren Adams, Co-Founder/Artistic Director

Olivia K. Jones, Executive Director

Tom André Bardwell, Program Director

Aaliytha Stevens, Board Member

Naila McKenzie, Director, Inclusion Strategy, Business Affairs, & Legal Counsel

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Submission Policy:

Offering support to Black theatrical actors and off-stage crew in an effort to diversify the theater community. Opportunities available to become advocates and mentors. Also participates in an apprenticeship program.


Networking & Support




Actors & Performers, Below the Line


"Black Theatre Coalition was founded by T. Oliver Reid and Warren Adams during the Summer of 2019. They identified the disparity between the growing inclusivity onstage, versus the almost non-existence of Black professionals off stage. They invited their colleague, Reggie Van Lee, to join them as Co-Founder in their march towards dismantling the systemically racist and biased ideology in the theatrical job space."