Young Storytellers Foundation


Bill Thompson, Executive Director

Pilar Alvarez, Education Director

Lexi Notabartolo, Operations Manager

Jaylene Chung, Development Manager

Netta Most, Script to Stage Director

Rachel Fleischer, Movie Makers/P.O.V. Director

Pierre Pandy, Volunteer Outreach/Programs Coordinator

Jessica Alvarez, L.A. County Arts Commission Intern

Curtis Baxter, Interim Programs Director

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Los Angeles-based foundation that serves both Los Angeles and New York with programs for kids starting at the 5th grade and going through college. Semester-long and year long common core-aligned program where students write original scripts and then see them performed by professional actors. Also has a program that offers a pitch and screening of student-made films.






Children, Writers, Below the Line, Producers, Actors & Performers


Our mission is simple: Inspires young people to discover the power of their voice. Using one-on-one mentorship, low-income students learn how to write original stories, and see them brought to life on stage and film. Thanks to thousands of volunteer mentors, actors, and professional teaching artists, Young Storytellers serves more than 60 public schools in Los Angeles and New York City, reaching 1,200 students in elementary, middle, and high school each year. As a result, young people learn that their voice matters.