Arden Theatre Company


Terrence J. Nolen, Producing Artistic Director

Amy L. Murphy, Managing Director

Matthew Decker, Associate Artistic Director

Sally Ollove, Literary Manager

Dan O'Neil, Artistic Assistant

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Submission Policy:

Arden auditions are held throughout the year, by invitation only. To be considered for an upcoming role, please mail a hard copy of your headshot/resume.

Script Submission:
The Arden gratefully accepts full-length scripts from literary agents and theatre professionals with whom we have existing relationships. However, as part of our commitment to our local community, we are pleased to give consideration to the work of Philadelphia-area writers, defined as those whose permanent residence is within 50 miles of Center City, Philadelphia. If this applies to you, please send the following to the first 10 pages of your play with a cover letter containing a brief synopsis, cast size, and a bio or resume. Please allow two months for the review process of script samples. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept unsolicited scripts or work samples from those outside the Philadelphia area. Only materials conforming to the above guidelines will be given consideration. All others will not be read and will be either returned (if accompanied by a stamped envelope) or recycled (if an envelope is not provided).


Arden Theatre Company is dedicated to bringing to life great stories by great storytellers – on the stage, in the classroom, and in the community.

F. Otto Haas Stage: LORT C-2
Arcadia Stage: LORT D

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