City Theatre Company


Tracy Brigden, Artistic Director

Mark R. Power, Managing Director

Becky Krall, Company Manager and Artistic Assistant

Natalie Hatcher, Management Associate

Carlyn Aquiline, Literary Manager and Dramaturg

Jan Ripper, Director of Finance

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Submission Policy:

Script Submissions:
We do not accept unsolicited scripts. Represented playwrights may submit scripts through their agents, who should also include the playwright’s bio or resume, a character breakdown, and audio for musicals. When commissioning new plays, City Theatre approaches writers directly.

Unrepresented playwrights should submit a query by mail to find out whether City Theatre will request the full script. We do not accept query submissions by e-mail. Queries should include a letter naming a professional reference (with contact information), along with a resume, a synopsis of the play, a character breakdown, a 10-page dialogue sample, audio for musicals, and the development and production history of the play. A SASE must be provided to ensure the return of submission materials. Response time for queries is 2–3 months.

Theater Types:

LORT, Equity, New Work, Classical, Contemporary Plays


Mainstage: LORT D
Lester Hamburg Studio Theatre: LORT D