Eclectic Full Contact Theatre


Lori Eyre, Board Member

Auden Granger, Company Member

Cathy Tantillo, Costume Designer

Kaely Osterman, Resident Stage Manager

David Belew, Company Member

Michelle Annette, Board Secretary

Jessica Lauren Fisher, Casting Director

Alyssa Jaksa, Company Member

Adam Kander, Company Member

Jeff Irlbeck, Company Member

Jesslyn McVicker, Company Member

Julie Partyka, Company Member

Andrew J. Pond, Artistic Director

Lisa Savegnago, Treasurer

Mara Sullivan, Company Member

Pat Ivan, Company Member

Angela Woods, Company Member

Michael Woods, Company Member

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Submission Policy:

Send an email to [email protected] Your headshot and resume should be attached in either PDF or JPG format.

Theater Types:

Nonunion, Contemporary Plays


The creation of theater requires both an actor and an audience. The success of theater depends on the development of a relationship between the two.

The Eclectic Theatre Company seeks to provide a welcoming, creative home for professional artists, while producing a diverse array theatrical works that forge an immediate, visceral connection between actor and audience. We will invite our community to become active partners in the process of creation, ensuring relevant exploration and development of personal relationships through the uniquely collaborative medium of theater.