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Christopher Mannelli, Executive Director

Elizabeth Williamson, Artistic Director

Angela Giuseppetti, Company Manager

Lara Rhyner, Acting Education Director

Alex Anthony, Technical Director

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Submission Policy:

Geva is a member of the national League of Resident Theatres and works under an agreement with Actors Equity Association. By agreement, most but not all adult actors are required to be members of the union, and Geva uses casting director Paul Fouquet of Elissa Myers Casting in New York City for all Equity casting. Address all submissions to casting directors.
Script Submissions:
Geva Theatre Center accepts submissions of full-length plays, translations, and adaptations for production on our stages.

Playwrights with professional representation may have their agents send full manuscripts at any time. To best accommodate our schedule of new play activities, the theater has an inquiry window, during which playwrights who are not working with an agent may send a submission inquiry. Inquiries submitted outside this time period cannot be processed. Before submitting a play for consideration, look at the theater's production history and at the lists of new plays that have been commissioned or produced, as an indication of the kind of work the theater is likely to produce.

Do not send the first draft of a play. Due to the number of scripts received we can only read any play one time, so make sure you are sending us your best work. Plays for consideration in our play development series must not have had more than one production at another theatre.

Direct your inquiry to New Plays Coordinator, Geva Theatre Center, 75 Woodbury Blvd., Rochester, NY 14607. After reviewing the query, the theater will contact the writer to know whether or not it wishes to read the entire script.

Theater Types:

Equity, LORT, Classical, Contemporary Plays


To create and produce professional theater productions, programs, and services of a national standard.

Elaine P. Wilson Mainstage: LORT B
Ron and Donna Fielding Nextstage: LORT D