Indiana Repertory Theatre


Janet Allen, Executive Artistic Director and Chief Executive Office

Suzanne Sweeney, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

Submission Policy:

Script Submissions:
The Indiana Repertory Theatre is committed to producing new work on both stages. Submit script through a literary agent, or by email accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a theater professional (an artistic director or literary manager at a professional or university theater). Scripts sent electronically ( are preferred. If this is not possible, submit a letter of inquiry, along with a brief synopsis of the play and ten pages of sample dialogue.

Theater Types:

LORT, Equity, Classical, Contemporary Plays


Live theater connects communities to meaningful issues in life and has the power to shape the human experience. The mission of the Indiana Repertory Theatre is to produce top-quality, professional theater and related activities, providing experiences that engage, surprise, challenge, and entertain people throughout their lifetimes, thereby helping to build a vital and vibrant community.

Mainstage: LORT C-1
Upperstage: LORT D