Lookingglass Theatre Company


Andrew White, Artistic Director

Philip R. Smith, Producing Artistic Director

Heidi Stillman, Artistic Director of New Work

Raymond Fox, Assistant to the Artistic Directors

Marti Lyons, Literary Manager

Rachel E. Kraft, Executive Director

Michele Anderson, General Manager

Kathryn Dysard, Assistant Business Manager

Kelly Crook, Administrative and Production Assistant

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Submission Policy:

Submit a hard copy of your headshot and resume via mail to the attention of Philip R. Smith, Producing Artistic Director. No phone calls. Does not accept unsolicited scripts or script samples for consideration.

Theater Types:

Equity, New Work, Contemporary Plays


Through theater, which invites, even demands, interaction with its audience, our goal is to fire the imagination with love, to celebrate the human capacity to taste and smell, weep and laugh, create and destroy, and wake up where we first fell --- changed, charged and empowered.

The Lookingglass Theatre Company combines a physical and improvisational rehearsal process centered on ensemble with training in theatre, dance, music, and the circus arts. We seek to redefine the limits of theatrical experience and to make theatre exhilarating, inspirational, and accessible to all.

Internships available.

Theater and Box Office Address: 821 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611

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