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Dixie Uffelman, Director of Production

Carmen Quiñones, General Manager

Courtney Little-Vozos, Chief of Staff

Becca Grady, Company Manager

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Submission Policy:

McCarter Theatre has several opportunities for non-Equity actors throughout the season. Constantly looking for up-and-coming, non-equity talent and accept submissions year round. To submit a general submission, mail a hard copy of your headshot, resume, and cover letter.

Calls for Equity headshot/resume self-submissions are posted through Actors’ Equity Association’s NYC audition department on a show-by-show basis.

Script Submissions:
McCarter Theatre employs a search, rather than submission, method when scouting new work. Does not accept submissions. This includes submissions from agents, writers, and other theater artists. More focused and directed approach benefits both McCarter and the artists the theater serves.

McCarter Theatre is committed to nurturing new plays and artists through commissions, readings, workshops, retreats, and productions. We identify new artists by carefully following the work around us through contact with other theaters, festivals, graduate programs, and playwright development organizations, and through conversations with our colleagues around the country. Agents and artists with a relationship with McCarter who have a project they believe will be of particular interest to McCarter are invited to contact the artistic staff. If the project fits our needs and we believe it may be a possible fit for development or production in the next few seasons, we will respond with a request to read the script.

Theater Types:

LORT, Equity, Musical, Classical, Contemporary Plays


McCarter’s mission is to create stories and experiences that enliven minds, expand imaginations and engage communities via performing arts. They work together with audiences, artists, avid thinkers and active learners to:

Explore new stories and perspectives with relentless curiosity; Champion a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible future; Open hearts and minds to the truths, the communities and society; Share ideas and innovations that expand opportunities to engage with the performing arts

The work is led by their values of justice and joy, beauty and belonging.

Justice: They bring together diverse perspectives, voices and generations. Whether it’s onstage, behind the scenes and with audiences, they're championing a fairer future for all.

Joy: The way they work together is as important as the work they make. They center generosity in all they say and do to create life affirming experiences that celebrate the shared humanity and help them make meaning of the world.

Beauty: They value the multitudes of lived experiences and histories and pursue art that is expansive, essential, and exhilarating. Participating in that which is infused with beauty makes them feel more alive and more deeply connected to one another.

Belonging: The strive to bring out the artist in all by opening minds and opportunities through the performing arts. They listen to learn and create spaces, places and programs that empower everyone to be part of the creative community.

Matthews Theatre: LORT B+
Berlind Theatre: LORT C-2