Pittsburgh Public Theater


Ted Pappas, Producing Artistic Director

Shaun Hall, Executive Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director

Rob Zellers, Director of Education and Outreach

Monica Brown, Director of Production and Operations

Jenn Sharon, Company Manager

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Submission Policy:

Actors may send picture and resume to Shaun Hall, Casting, at the address provided above or email him at shall@ppt.org.

Script Submissions:
Our PUBLIC EXPOSURE new play series is currently on hiatus, and we are no longer accepting unsolicited script queries. No commissions are available at this time.

Theater Types:

LORT, Equity, Musical, Classical, Contemporary Plays


The mission of Pittsburgh Public Theater is to provide artistically diverse theatrical experiences of the highest quality. Pittsburgh Public Theater also strives to serve, challenge, stimulate, and entertain while operating in a fiscally responsible manner. The Public shares its resources with the community through education and outreach initiatives intended for a wide range of people with the goal of expanding and diversifying the audience while enriching the community.

Anthony J. O'Reilly Theater: LORT B

To get information about space rental and event policies, contact Ann Urwin, Operations Manager, Byham, Harris, and O'Reilly Theaters, at 412-456-1377.