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Jerry Manning, Artistic Director

Benjamin Moore, Managing Director

Constanza Romero, Artist in Residence

Braden Abraham, Associate Artistic Director

Erin Kraft, Casting Director

Christy Bain, Director of Artist Relations

Sarah Scherzer, Company Manager

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Submission Policy:

The Seattle Rep artistic staff, in consultation with directors, invites individual actors to read for roles in specific productions. These auditions are held throughout the year on an invitation-only basis in Seattle, and also possibly in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles as the project warrants.

Seattle Repertory Theatre participates in the annual general auditions organized by Theatre Puget Sound. These auditions are one of the most important opportunities for Seattle Rep's artistic staff to see and stay current with the work of local actors. The dates for general auditions and procedures to apply are announced at least one month in advance on Theatre Puget Sound's site.

Seattle Rep also holds a yearly general audition for Equity actors. Audition appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis to Equity members, and there may be remaining slots available for Non-Equity actors. The auditions (and sign-up procedures) are announced two weeks prior through Actor's Equity Association and on Theatre Puget Sound's site.

Seattle Rep maintains detailed records on Seattle-area actors. We keep a file of the photos and resumes of actors who have worked at and/or auditioned for the theatre in the past two years. It is important that we have current information. Any time you change your telephone number or union status, please send us an updated headshot including your name, address, telephone number, and email address and send it to or via postal mail to the address provided above.

Throughout the year, Equity actors visiting from out of town are welcome to request an audition appointment by emailing Auditions are scheduled on a time-available basis.

Theater Types:

Equity, LORT, Contemporary Plays


Seattle Repertory Theatre creates productions and programs that surprise, entertain, challenge, and uplift our community through a shared act of imagination.

Bagley Wright Theatre: LORT B
Leo Kreielsheimer Theatre: LORT D