Shakespeare Theatre Company


Carter C. Wooddell, Casting Director

Simon Godwin, Artistic Director

Chris Jennings, Executive Director

Alan Paul, Associate Artistic Director

David Lloyd Olson, Manager of Executive Office

James Roemer, Director of Administration

Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Manager

Craig Baldwin, Artistic Associate

Alec Wild, Academy for Classical Acting Program Director

Lisa Beley, Head of Voice & Text

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Submission Policy:

Equity and non-Equity actors on a show by show basis. Auditions are typically by invitation only. Headshot/resume for consideration by mail to: Shakespeare Theatre Company, ATTN: CASTING, 516 Eighth St., S.E., Washington, DC 20003 or email at
Attends Washington/Baltimore AEA Liaison auditions and holds Equity Principal Auditions (EPAs) in D.C. and New York, Chicago or Los Angeles each year. Contact Actors’ Equity to find out more information about EPAs.
Prefers to see New York actors during New York auditions, rather than Washington.

Theater Types:

Equity, Classical, LORT


The Shakespeare Theatre Company creates, preserves, and promotes classic theatre—ambitious, enduring plays with universal themes—for all audiences.