The Wilma Theater


Blanka Zizka, Artistic Director

James Haskins, Managing Director

Walter Bilderback, Dramaturg/Literary Manager

Maggie Arbogast, General Manager

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Submission Policy:

Headshot/resume considerations to casting email or call.

Script Submissions:
Agent submissions only. Response Time: 6-9 months. Full-length plays, translations, adaptations, and musicals from an international repertoire with an emphasis on innovative, bold staging; world premieres; ensemble works; works with poetic dimension; plays with music; multi-media works; social issues. Preferred maximum cast size: 12. Stage dimensions: 44’ x 46’.

Due to staffing and scheduling limitations, the Wilma is only able to accept unsolicited manuscripts from agents. However, if accompanied by a recommendation from a literary manager, dramaturg, or other theater professional, the theater will accept a query by mail which should include the following: a cover letter, a synopsis, and a writing resume or description of your writing background, plus a ten-page sample of the piece. Responses will be given to queries for which the Wilma would like to request the full manuscript. Those submitting must following the request:

Before submitting any material to The Wilma Theater, read the theater's mission statement and research its production history, which are available on the website. Consider your work's relevance to the theater prior to submitting.

Email submissions preferred. You may email submissions to Nell Bang Jensen at (Include SASE to have your materials returned.)

Theater Types:

Equity, LORT, Contemporary Plays


Established as The Wilma Project in 1979. Produces 4 plays/year, 6-week runs.

The Wilma Theater creates living, adventurous art. Engages artists and audiences in imaginative reflection on the complexities of contemporary life. Presents bold, original, well-crafted productions that represent a range of voices, viewpoints, and styles.

Established as The Wilma Project in 1979. Produces 4 plays/year, 6-week runs.

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