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LA Theater Review

Back to You, a Dear John (Mayer) Letter

Writer, director and featured performer Brianne Hogan takes aim at the cult of celebrity in this callow comedy that reimagines the private life of musician and tabloid personality John Mayer. Fed up with messing around, the fictive Mayer (Martin Lindquist) seeks his first love, Rihanna (Hogan), hoping to start afresh. The lady's not interested, but two of her star-smitten friends (Carla Lopez and Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll) try to exploit the connection to further their own careers. Comeuppance tales can be satisfying and fun, but this effort needs extensive revamping: restructuring the repetitious script, fleshing out the clichéd characters and importing strong, outside direction to punch the performances into shape.

Comedy Sportz, 733 Seward St., Hollywood CLOSED

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