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LA Theater Review

Feeling Feeling

Bubbly Darla (Kendall Carroll) is generally upbeat until the slightest misfortune reduces her to paroxysms of tears. Her beer bottle–chugging, TV sports–fixated boyfriend Dave (Jonny Loquasto) is generally perplexed and insensitive to her woes. The pair have a nice rapport, but Darla sends him to therapy to learn how to feel and gets a chip implanted in her head to manage her overwrought emotions. While therapy doesn't seem to alter Dave's behavior, Darla becomes detached and career-driven. Writer-director Sarah Doyle plots her tale in four-year intervals that coincide with the Olympic Games, and nicely crosscuts her examination of gender politics with a sad tale of Darla's forgotten best friend Tully (Camellia Rahbary).

Artworks Theatre & Studios, 6569 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. Closed.

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