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LA Theater Review


In this world premiere fanciful fable, we follow two dumb-and-dumber sperm, Cap'n (Sean McGowan) and Wiseass (Dan Furlong, who co-wrote the piece with cousin Tim Furlong), post-ejaculation, as they get shot into the fairy-tale land of Eggadonia. Adhering to the "big bang" theory and their faithful sperm guidebook, they haphazardly swim around looking for an egg to fertilize, it being Fertilization Day and all. As luck would have it, two such eggs are available, Ova (Sirena Irwin) and Ina (Ashley Schoff), but Chastera (Susan Peahl), the birth-control patrol matron, with nice-guy sidekick Ferizoad (Mark Christopher Tracy), a not-so-raging hormone, leap in to run interference by keeping nature from running its course. With sharp twists to the plot, we end up with an outcome difficult for either the Supreme Court or the pro-choice folks to cheer.

The Furlongs' script gives us likeable characters and an appealing plot, but, though well-written, it is amusing at best and could benefit from having the humor cranked up-perhaps by more farcical or screwball tactics and antics, a bit more zip and zest. Director Rick Sparks does well with broad and offbeat material. Judicious editing might help, as the 90-minute offering ran out of steam after about an hour on opening night. The players, including Juliana Dever and Jocelyn Hall, are amiable, energetic, and uniformly quite talented, deserving of stronger material. Sparks adds a musical soundtrack design that enriches the production immeasurably. Cricket S. Myers and Jeremy Pivnick handle sound and lights, respectively, respectably.

Presented by SaltyBird Productions at the Globe Playhouse, 1107 N. Kings Rd., West Hollywood. Thu.-Sat. 8 p.m. Mar. 10-Apr. 1. (323) 769-5555.

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